HELP! is Lotus Ecosse still in business?

Hi does anybody know whether are still in business?

called many times, nobody seems to pickup the phone.

can anybody help?


i emailed him and posted up on Scottish Elises for you but he hasn’t replied there either.

In fact i briefly saw him last night but forgot to ask about toe-links for you.

I don’t know what the issue is…

He is still in business but its run very much in the sidelines… its a shame he doesn’t answer us makes no sense.

Hi Rox,

thanks. I’m a bit desperate for the Toe links, can you get hime to give me a call tonight? befor 10pm. I will pm you my number.


Just called him (07711-329766).
He mentioned he sent you a mail but it bounced, but sent another mail straight away and if unsuccessful was going to contact you through this bbs.


you got anywhere yet?

i didn’t get PM

thanks guys, got throught to Fergus last night, place my order on the Toe links! Yippee! and some other bits and peieces…