HELP, I own a 2010MY Exige is it a 220 or 240

I own a 2010MY with the facelifted front and rear etc, but how do I tell if it is a 220 or 240 model.
Any Lotus experts that would know this ??
Your help would be much appreciated, Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

I thought all 2010 facelift models were 240 as standard, just the special editions such as the Cup, RGB, etc had more power? The 2010 facelift models were offered with various pack options from new.

You can contact Lotus and buy a Certificate of provenance to see what spec the car was when it was built, what packs/upgrades, etc :+1:

Well thank you, I shall contact Lotus tomorrow for this ‚ÄėCertificate of provenance‚Äô ‚Ķ much appreciated , I already have a Certificate of Conformity, but this certificate has other discrepancies ! also if anyone else has further thoughts, send them my way,
But just confirming it is definitely a 2010MY - … [10th digit in is an A which is 2010 MY].
Thank you all again.

Has it got ?
Full or short length roof scoop
8 stage progressive traction control knob on the LH if column
Front calipers 2 pot or 4 pot ?

The 4th digit of that chassis (V.I.N.) number is a V which denotes a 220 engine
If it was a 240 it would be a W
Unless its been modified after it left lotus!!