Help!!!!!!! I need a pro's help!

David I hope you don�t mind me asking for some help via your site, especially as its not lotus orientated.I have 1.3 million mail shots going out via on of our wholesale customers this Christmas and am desperately seeking 1 photo.The picture I need is of a 2002 model golf GT TDI 130 pd 5 door in silver. How hard can that be I hear you all ask. The catch is it needs to be 300 dpi minimum and 25 cm wide minimum. I normally just hack around the net and trawl for a picture, crop the background and no one is the wiser.So far I have been unable to find such a picky. have some nice shots but there site is in FLASH [image][/image] and I cant figure out how to get an image from this… Can any one help?Many thanks KeeJ

I’ve sent you some pics, which may do the trick.Just don’t call me a pro [image][/image]