I’m having Nitrons done tomorrow, and for the life of me I can’t find the geo settings that others have posted in the past (particularly AndyD and Russ)!

I’d be very grateful if anybody could supply them.

Tips on the Nitrons settings would be of interest too.

Thanks in advance, Ian

What spring rate you going for?

for 475/525 i spent 2 hours setting car up on wednesday and ended up on 18 clicks front 19 rear on slicks before clutch bracket broke, but thats for another post .

As far as Geo settings I use the following at the moment, also pulled off this site and adjusted slightly for my driving style:


Toe - 0
Camber - 1.2 neg
Castor - 2.3


Toe - 0.9 mm in each side, important to get it same both sides not just a total figure.
Camber - 2.5 neg

I used to run almost 3 degrees camber on the front with std suspension but the nitrons control body roll so nicely i have been able to go right back. The slicks had a nice even wear on them and were running right to the edge so i am quite happy that i could get away with even less camber.

for the 375/425 springs try 15 F 17 R as a starting point, might be to hard.

I cannot really comment on the road tyres with these settings, doing an event this weekend on road tyres so will post on monday as to changes made for road tyres.

Hope this helps

Well I did find the post I was looking for - here

A bit different from yours Jason.

Any other tips welcome.


my explorer, internet that is, won’t open likns so ican’t see it, but wil give you an update after this weekends racing. as i have the orad tyres on.

Those settings are for my race use,i live with the bouncing and snaking on the road.

I run quite similar geo to Jason, only difference really is that I run with 2mm toe in each side at the rear and std castor at the front.

Also on Nitrons you should set your clicks from full hard not full soft. With 400/475 springs I run 6/4 clicks from hard. Although just had the damping stiffened up so will probably go for 10/8 to begin with.

I have 2.5 mm each side at the rear 0mm front (parallel).
Very happy with it on 48s and yoko slicks.

Ian, without name dropping here, you know those settings came right from THE horses mouth, don’t you?

I do Russ thanks. Cheers chaps.

We stuck pretty close to Russ’ settings, with just a little bit more neg (front -1o, rear -2o).

The car is just magic now, pretty darn neutral!