HELP - Damaged Wheel Rim

Guys… nedd help to fix my baby!!!Ground my rear wheel rim on a high curb (on a country road… what the hell the kurb was doing there I don’t know). Its scraped load of paint off and gouged the rim. (Now as rough as a badger’s arse!!)Anywhere who fixes these as good as new… where/how much/time,etc…CheersTim

Can’t really help , but how do you know what a badgers arse feels like Tim ??

I am a deviant at weekends!

[image][/image] - say no more !!!

speak to pit lane quick.Kee [image][/image]

I did exactly the same thing to one of my rear wheels a few months back and was able to get it repaired at Graydon Motors in Bristol at a cost of �50 considerably cheaper than a new wheel that would have cost me �320

you could try they have a mobile service and I have heard they are pretty good.