help car wont start

help my car wont start, its now swimming in damp start!
battery ok and ive unpluged and reconnected leads etc but to no avail starter motor ok as well so i dont think its that
anyone with any ideas to get me going again
help !!!

Can you hear the fuel pump running when you turn the ignition?

If not check the fuel pump relay and the fuel pump isolation switch (down the pax side of the engine).


is that the buzzing noise that lasts 4 about 3 secs if so the pumps working

yep that should be the fuel pump, well I guess thats good news, but I don’t have much else to suggest (since myproblem was the trip switch) other than check all plug connections, change plugs etc. - time for the mechanical experts to contribute

I was also told it may not fire if the battery gets low, so if you’ve drained it top it up for a while and retry.


battery is a ok i’m running out of ideas thanks anyway 4 your help

Is it turning over and not firing? If so I had that, the Throttle Position Sensor was stuck on 100% which means it goes into ‘spark plug cleaning mode’ and the injectors don’t fire. Not a particularly expensive fix.


how do i tell if its firing/not firing? by inexpensive can i do it myself? and is it a replacement part or a clean up job?

one other thing idg where is the throttle sensor?

ok found the sensor i could take it a part but dont really know what to look 4 any ideas

As Ian asked, when you turn the key to start up does nothing happen?

Could be a starter motor maybe… If you hear a “click”

Or if it does “turn over”, i.e. tried to start but nothing then it’s a bit deeper… Could be TPS, Plugs, leads, coil…

thanks 4 your help guys unplugged the throttle sensor sprayed with wd and reconnected and … it started!!!
i love my car again

Glad to be of service!

After all this time, and with a little help from Mark, that was my first lead on a fix for a significant problem, I’m stoked (and will now retire and leave the technical advice to those that know what they’re talking about! ).