HELP - Air Con fix, out of warranty

Can I have your help please.

My Air Con is bust with the normal broken pipe problem. My car is now out of warranty and Lotus have only offered to pay half to resolve this known design fault.

From a quick search ( ), I believe at least 4 people have had theirs fixed by Lotus out of warranty - Pesky, GilesA (twice?!), 83man, Timbo & JohnO(?)

I’d be very grateful if you could confirm this. Bell & Colvill say they will then try and push Lotus a little harder.

Also, I’ve read about the new type of rubber pipes. Have these worked or did anybody have it sorted with some other kind of mod to prevent it happening again?

Thanks in advance, Ian

ps. I know it’s crap, but I’d prefer to have it working than not!


I had mine fixed twice out of warranty - last time must be 18 months or so ago. Since fitting the Eliseparts nylatron engine mount bush, the aircon pipe has remained intact.

I dissagree that the aircon is crap, it’s not brilliant, but this summer it’s been very welcome & useful.

Best of luck.


I had mine fixed just before the 2nd year warranty expired (the Warranty Holdings one)and then it failed again about a month later. I am led to beieve that Lotus paid for it the second time (although I may be wrong, all I know is that I did not pay / contribute to it!)


Thanks chaps, keep’em coming.

Pesky/Giles, have you now both got the rubber pipes?

Cheers again, Ian


Pipe nearest to exhaust manifold is still metal.

Both my pipes are still metal, but after fitting Eliseparts engine mount bush (i.e less engine rocking)- things have been OK (touch wood!)

I would also agree with Rob, I find the Air Con useful on hot days - OK it’s not as good as in my 406 Estate, but it does cool things down a little!


P.S - Ian are you going to Donny Park next Wednesday?

Hi Ian

Yep - had mine fixed foc twice at Peter Smiths - the first time it was in the 12 month warranty period - the second time it was around 12 months after the warranty had expired. I priced up what it would cost me at Chris Foulds at the time and I think I’d have been looking at around �300 for the pipe - the re-gas and the labour.

Both times it was the smaller diameter pipe that had sheared.

First fix just looked a like for like swap - consequently it didn’t last. The second time they changed both pipes and rather than metal this time they fitted thick rubber hose - not sure what’s underneath the rubber though.

Hope this helps - good luck and let us know how you go on.

Cheers, Tim

P.S - Ian are you going to Donny Park next Wednesday?

Sadly not Giles. I’ve managed to fit in a family holiday. Other than a couple of days for trackdays, my first holiday this year!

It’s a shame as I was really looking forward to trying the eRise.

Have a great time!


Well it looks like I’m making some progress, so thanks chaps. Lotus are reconsidering but definately aren’t going to strech to the ‘receiver/dryer’.

This is only �30 but is a real pain to fit (taking the bill to about �200!). Lotus say it shouldn’t have been too badly affected. Anybody know much about A/c and what (if any) impact not changing it will have?

Cheers, Ian


I’ve not long moved to Surrey and guess what, 4 weeks ago my aircon pipes fractured. Is your car covered by the extended warranty (the warranty holdings one)? I telephoned Bell and Colevill the other day and I must admit they were not particualry confident about getting it paid.

Giles - did warranty holdings pay for yours, no questions, or did you have to “discuss” the matter further with them if you catch my drift.


Con McL.

Con, although Lakeside Engineering aren’t Lotus dealers they have a good relationship with WH and are meant to be good at getting things sorted. Give them a call if you have no joy with B&C.

Pat at B&C is meant to be hearing back from Lotus, after I had a nice chat to Lotus themselves. I hoping they’ll be more forthcoming. Although Lotus did say they’re not paying for the new drier unit, but I not currently sure how much of a problem that is.

Good Luck!


The small pipe broke on mine and I’ve just had it fixed by SGT under the Lotus Endorsed warranty, however they fitted the original style metal pipes despite asking them about the rubber ones.

It survived a trackday at Hethel last Saturday, but I’m not confident it’s going to last much longer.