I am looking for a helmet, needs to be snell and fia approved and be fitted with hans posts.
I’ve seen one on demon tweeks I like but it says delivery time is 33 days its a Bell RS3 Sport Star Blue.
I’ve done a load of searching and am not able to find one anywhere else, anyone got any ideas?
I don’t want to wait 33 days for my helmet to be delivered
am I just being impatient?


have you ever tried one of these for fit ?

I reckon you shouldn’t buy a helmet unless you know it fits the shape of yer heid

I reckon you shouldn’t buy a helmet unless you know it fits the shape of yer heid

Definitely second that - there is such a variation in fit from one manufacturer to another. Its necessary to try on as many as possible from different manufacturers as well as different models from the same manufacturer and get the one that fits best rather than just looks good.


Phone Andy or Tim @ Redline Motorsport Ltd 01606 737500, mention exiges.com, & you’ll be sorted

Autosport show is on at NEC in a week or so - get there and “test drive” a few helmets first - then you know your size etc

yes, try as many as you can, there is a huge difference, I tried on dozens at the autosport show, many years ago and ended up with a Simpson.

thanks guys, I had forgotten about the autosport show DOH!!
I have owned a bike since I was 5 and have owned a few bell helmets in my time so thought it was a safe choice. I have an odd shaped head(no comments please) shoei and bell helmets seem to fit well but I suppose I can try loads on at the motorsport show


It just so happens that Redline will be at the show - Hall 9, Stand 9430 So as well as Andy & Tim, Nick should also be there.


As a matter of interest, Redline are the guys with the mobile rolling road, which featured recently on “Top Gear”, when Clarkson & Co had a laugh with the 3 knackered �10K Italian Supercars.

nice one pesky, I’ll be sure to mention you’re name I’m sure they’ll whack another �50 on top of the price