Happy Christmas all!

How can you determine what is a decent helmet and what isnt?

I spy 4000 different brands. Some I recognise like Aria or Bell. Others I dont.
I would hate to discount something because I hadnt heard of it and it was the best ever just no one knew.

What should I be looking for?

Start with one that fits properly and is comfortable!
I find bell so uncomfortable!
I have an Aria shaped head…

Comfort is a high priority, admittedly!

I guess its a case of go into a shop and ask to try on lots of lids?

I specifically want one with hans posts.

Yep, the only way to get it right is forget specific brands, go to a reputable shop and try on as many as it takes to find the right one.

A good shop will understand and help guide you through the regs and ensure you get the best helmet for your needs.

Try them with closed eyes and no mirror, with the shop assistant helping you put them on blind and judge by fit feeling.

Im strongly Arai biased and if I dont do this I invariably know Im not judging fairly.

It’s all about head shape.

Good advice on comfort, you have said HANS which I think is wise. It will get sweaty inside so look at how easily it comes apart to be disinfected. I use silver spray to keep the bacteria down. Though I have never tested it, get one with approvals. Snell 2015. FIA approval is also an option but may be over the top, though, just because it’s a track day you can still hit your head.

If you wear glasses, see if you can put them on with the helmet on your head, it is tricky!

Get a storage bag for it (and your HANS) and don’t let it get biffed in storage or in the boot of your car, I had to destroy one that got cracked in transit.

I have used Bell and Arai with no bother, I struggle getting cycle helmets to fit.

If you’re using harnesses HANS is a must.

I tried loads on but found I was between sizes with a few makes until I tried Bell.

Demon Tweeks usually have a good selection if you’re in the area.

I was booked to go to the NEC for the Autosport show later in Jan for this very reason. Good opportunity to try lots on, usually.

Alas, it’s been Covid-Postponed. Road trip to Demon Tweeks?!

That could work. Wrexham though isn’t it?

I never said it was a short road trip!

There’s surely a closer alternative…

Grand Prix Racewear at Silverstone
Race Boots at Weedon Bec
Nicky Grist at Pontrilas
Merlin Motorsport at Castle Combe

…any good?

Sadly not :frowning:

All 100+mi away

MSAR South London

Don’t forget, different cheek pads are available for some helmets which make a big difference in fit.
Do get Hans posts, although I’ve swapped to a Simpson now

150mi away!

@Fonzey I am seeing a Northern opportunity here!

FatHeads R Us ?



GSM performance in Nottingham is middle north. You have to book an appointment to go into the shop.


Another bit of free advice, which comes from my paranoia, get a full face helmet. You are not forced to have one in a Lotus but you are in an open car, if you want a go in a Caterham you will need FF.

Scary story, after leaving the pit lane at Dony I pulled my visor down, seconds later I was smacked by a flying stone just above the eye, cracking the visor. Lesson to self, pull the visor down earlier, even if it steams up. That was in a Caterham but it was still a good safety reminder.

Cycling mate is having his left eye rebuilt from a flying stone (cycling) and was wearing safety glasses. Really unlucky but safety, safety, safety……

I echo the advice about trying on. Comfort is so important. You want it to fit right and you’ll forget you have it on. It’s also only safe if it fits properly. Another consideration is weight; You want it as light as possible (budget allowing). Again this makes it more comfortable and arguably safer.

I’ve also got an Arai shaped head, so have their lids.