Hi there,

Just got my account approved so i thought i’d introduce myself… HI!

I’m currently considering ordering a new Exige S and was just wanting people’s thoughts.

It’s going to be my only car (though living in London i only use the car at weekends to get out, not drive daily or in the city) and only being 24 i’m thinking it’s the perfect time to have a completely impractical car!

Planning on getting Exige S, Performance, Touring, Aircon, Lightweight alloys. Can’t decide on the sports pack, I do want to track it occasionally and thus fancy the sport seats for harnesses, but seems a bit of a pricey option for just that.

Colours - would love some advice here… I think i might go for the Moonstone Silver, expensive I know, but i’m happy to spend the extra to get something that looks as good as it drives. I might then get the spoiler and splitter in black.

Has anyone seen a Moonstone Exige/Elise? Pics by any chance?

Thanks for any suggestions!

sounds very similar to me… (altho in graphite)… DO IT!

Almost the same as ive done…

Ive done the Exige thing at 23, no regrets so far…

I would definitly go for the sports packs, the seats are worth it on there own, and if you didnt go for it then wanted to fit harnesses later it will be costly…

Harnesses also worth getting, I got some nearly new schroth ones off here, best 200 quid ive spent so far.

Anything else I can help with just ask…


Looks like you and I got the go ahead at the same time.

I have a black exige S1 with 190 upgrade. Bought it from Paul Matty with only 1500 miles on clock and now up to 2,750.

I was recommended the site by a fellow exige owner at a SELOC beer meet.

I also have an Elise S1 with B and C super 160 upgrade.

Might I be that fellow Exiger ?

Are you going on the breakfast run this Sunday morning with the rest of us ? Meet at Pease pottage services at 07:30 for 07:45 departure.

Breakfast at some castle on south coast.


Yes and Yes. If the weather stays foul I will be glad of the hard top!

Hi Andrew,

You must improve your User name ! Not exactly imaginative.
How about “Riply Road Ranger” RRR for short or “2 Lotus Andy”.
Just a thought !

Hopefully See you Sunday.


Hi, just a quick hello to say hi, I live 2 miles up the road Pyrford way… are you heading to Brands next Sunday ?

Thanks Ian, looks like I’m going to have to go ahead with it really doesn’t it

has anyone seen one in Moonstone Silver? At the moment it’s a toss-up between that and Ice White… both with Black splitter and spoiler…

It’s not exactly a subtle car, so want something a bit interesting… but orange is just a bit much for my only car.

Thanks! Just getting to grips with the site. Promise to do better and get photos of cars etc.

Hi. I am not sure yet, depends on the family etc. Seloc are meeting at Ockham car park to leave at 0900. Will come back when I know for sure.

Well, I’ve done the deed. Car is ordered, in the end I went with Ice White, and am very happy with my decision

Just wanting some advice from all your experienced lot;

The demo car i drove has the Larini F1 exhaust, sports cat and K&N filter. The sound it made was simply superb! Popped and burbled on shifts and every time you came off the throttle, can’t fail to put a smile on your face, HOWEVER, at low revs it was simply too boomy, below about 4k rpm you just couldn’t hear a thing in the cabin and as such it was too much for me to have on my car if i ever intend to do a journey of more than about 30 mins (which I do).

WHat do you guys think about just getting the Larini exhaust and leaving the cat and air filter standard? Will this be a worthwhile change without the boomyness?