hi just logged on here for the first time - looking to change the porsche 993 3.8 (yes 3.8rs aircooled engined) carrera 2 for a s2 exige.
basically no longer use the 993 as a everyday car (which it does very well - if a tad noisy and expensive on juice) and want something a tad less practical for the weekends (but not as daft as a caterham).

so i imagine i’ll be asking a few daft questions shortly…

first daft question anyone fancy a 993 swap (worth �28k as LHD and quite rare with the �10k optional FF engine) ?


Hello and no thanks


993 RS is my favourite porker… but I have an S1 exige nd wouldn’t swap it anyway… however, have you any pics and what is the FF engine ? (i know you basically told us its a Carrera2 with an RS engine but can you explain it a wee bit more ? )

One that a bit faster ?

One that a bit faster ?

LOL… new i could depend on you

Nice move Porka and Welcome

Another one wakes up and enters the fold (even if it is an S2)

HO HO HO etc…