Picked up my new S2 Exige on Saturday.

Its Magnetic Blue with the Performance Pack, Air Con, ITG system, armourfend and park assist.

Some pics up here on Pistonheads


Up to just under 800 miles so far so should be going in for its after care service early next week. love it to bits already.

Going to have a Stage 1 exhaust put on at the same time. Does anyone else have the Stage 1 and ITG on an S2 Exige? Just a bit concerned about the noise as I know Jimmy from SELOC’s S2 with Stage 1 and standard air box measured 98 at Goodwood on Monday.

As I have the Performance Pack I intend doing a fair few track days (well you would wouldnt you?) but dont want to be excluded from any tracks.



very nice like the colour,read your comments its sounds as though you felt disappointed with your s1 is it that bigger change

Welcome Dave!

I’m afraid I can’t help with the noise level, but enjoy your day and let us know your impressions of the car on track.


Davey, do you have to ask the missus for permission to change your name or what?!?

Welcome to the forum!

Hi Dave…good to have someone on the site I know. I saw Daves Exige when he popped into Coombe last Saturday and it is a stunner.

Welcome Dave.

Very nice indeedy - if you dont like those seats and harnesses I’ll give you a tenner and my old ones as a swap?

I test drove one when they first came out - v nicely built