Hello everybody,

I’m new to the world of Lotus, traded in my Civic Type-R today for an S1. I take it the car used to belong to somebody who uses this site as it has Exiges.com on the sun-visor. Does anybody know whos car it may have been the reg is X662 NUA. if they could get in touch with me it would be great.


Welcome welcome Tom. I recognise the plate but cannot recall who it is,…someone will know. Congratulation on your fine choice of vehicle,…I trust we will be meeting you at Croft (see the thread in events)??

Welcome Tom - what colour / where did you buy it from would help…

Welcome to exiges.com Tom…

don’t recognise the plate but i’m sure someone will. Colour and place might help as godspeed says…

Hi Tom, welcome to the house of fun


i bought it from Chris Higham in Ormskirk. it’s British Racing Green.

Would be good to meet up, will check my shift pattern about the Croft meeting.



Aha, that was Miles Turner’s car - only met him & car once, at our local monthly petrolhead meet.