hi all, just thought id say a quick hello. i dont hava exige yet but im looking 4 one. i hava subaru p1 at the mo wi a few mods. but the exige has the looks (s1). & im sure itll be my next car. iv bin reading about the different turbo engines u can put in the exige. so that what im going 2 do if i can find a exige i want. anybody know a good place to find exiges 4 sale??? i took a turbo tecs 260bhp exige 4 a test drive last week…wow! but its bin sold now & i didnt wana rebuild the engine every 30k. o well, im looking 4 a azura blue 190bhp exige any1 know the where abouts? (wi air con )


There has been an Azure Blue at SGT (In Taplow - http://www.sgt.co.uk/vehicle-details.asp?makeID=39&blnNew=&intMax=&intMin=&RSPage=1&ID=20181) for a while now. I showed great interest in this car but they are (or had) quite a ECU probs? There has been a few mentions on here about that particular car.

I started looking for Azure Blue - but every one I saw one - in any colour looked so impressive that I’m now the proud owner of a gleaming New Alu!

Is 30k the expected life of a s/charged…?

All the best…

Hi mpc,

I came from a Scooby to an Exige. You’ll miss the grunt of the turbo,and the Scooby is a fab a-to-B car, but you’ll fly past them on the track.

You may want to consider trying a standard one first, or look at fitting an alternative engine, the Audi 1.8T if you really want a turbo, or a tuned Duratec or Honda.


iv never drove a exige wi out a turbo…so i dont really know what 2 expect…whats the 1/4mile times on a 192bhp exige??? 0 to 60? 0 to 100? my scooby about 4sec 0 to 60 & 0 to 100 about 12 & 1/4 mile 13sec… will a 192bhp exige b about the same?yeah i did abit of home work on the vvc k engine wi a turbo & it`ll need a rebuild every 30/40k…which isnt really good!

If 0-60/100 times are what you’re after the Exige may not be your car after all. It’s more about not braking and carrying loads of speed though bends. It doesn’t have much low down the rev range.

Personally, I think it’ll need re-builds more than that!


my supercharged exige is still running fine, no problems yet and its done 20000 miles. 265 bhp in it and i havent found a car that can keep up yet, even the scoobys. it will be going up for sale in 2 weeks aswel.

I drove a car that would leave it for dead today IMHO …

Not mine unfortunately…

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