Hello, new on here


Just a quick post to say hello. Been an Exige owner for about a year now, and been on Seloc for a while but never got round to joining here before.

S2 Touring in Nightfall Blue.
Braided hoses
Stage 2 Exhaust
ITG Maxogen induction
Sector 111 micro mirror
Forged alloys.

Currently in the market for new seats and thinking of
getting the PB Racing carbon buckets.



You’ll find it a little quieter on here than on Seloc (and altogether more civilised most of the time!)

Think of it as a nice quiet country pub, compared to the city centre bar of Seloc! I’m sure Admin5 won’t mind the comparison.

Anyway, you’ll find everybody here is friendly and helpful. Nice mods.

Hello and welcome.


have you got a link to the pb seats?

Picture of the seats

PB Racing Seats

Had a sit in them at the Autosport show and found them pretty confortable. More support around the shoulders than
the performance pack seats, or the Reverie.

Think they are also deeper in the seat allowing you to sit
lower in the car.

PB Web Site

thanks - seats look good

I’m told they’re much more comfortable than they look.