Hello! New Exige owner (now with pics link)

Hi All,

Just picked up a 2006 (55) Exige in white. Really pleased with it (it replaces an S2 111s)…

pics can be seen at Seloc…


Welcome! Hope youve managed to get those stickers off ok!

Dont worry - doing it this eve. Only picked it up last night (in a monsoon!).

hello and welcome nice car…!

glad you finally made it over!

Hello & Welcome

Get some piccys posted up & get your self along to cadwell on sunday to see everyone.

Phil G

Is there a gallery here? What is the best way to get pics in a post?

Hi Edo,

If you go to FAQ it shows you the string you need for Avatar and Pics etc.

Welcome to exiges.

Best regs


Ok, pics up on Photobox…

Car is a 2006 spec december 2005 car. It has the sport pack, Pipercross air filter, Air Con, Quick release wheel, and 4 point harnesses.

Stickers commming off iminently!

Hi Mate,

I was getting ready to go and view this car, somewhere off the M25 near Surrey I seem to remember, and then yesterday it had disapoeared from Pistonheads and Autotrader.

Congrats , looks a nice car from pic, by the way i think the stickers look OK !

To slow!! The chap (indi) in Surrey/West Sussex borders was inundated with calls. Even a couple of dealers…

Cheers for the comments.

hope you enjoy.