Hello im new

Been registered for a while, and always wanted an exige since i first saw them come out, but never had the cash, and always ended up spending on cars when i could have saved and bought one.

i currently have a 1995 twinturbo 6speed supra and have just finished it, despite spending 20k on the car, its now for sale.

i have my current supra up for sale, and was wondering if anyone has had the change from a supra to an exige.

i want something purely for track, and i think this is the car, no matter what i purchase this still creeps into my mind.

for looks i love the S1 Exige, and i know its the one ill get, its just the engine puts me off, wish they had the toyota block.

i know the buyers guide says the S1 should be 14k, and know its pants lmao, i know its a buyers market and now the S2 model is becoming cheaper than the S1 due to the number now available.

i will be looking to spend around 18-20k.

HA! Good luck finding an S1 Exige for 14 K that’s not a dog… expect to pay 17-18k for anything half decent.

I’ve just bought an S1 (and am exporting it to New Zealand) and for me the S1 is the only one to have. I’ve seen more Toyota-engined Elises go pop than I have K-series ones by the way, although this doesn’t include VHPD engines

Good luck with your search, whichever way you shoose to go.

i thought there were more of you on here?

In the dim and distant past I used to have a MKIV Supra. First introduction to big horsepower and rear wheel drive. Have to admit that it wasn’t great on the track. You spent the whole time waiting for it to be straight enough to get on the gas and for the second turbo to kick in.

Since then I’ve been through a couple of cars and I’m now delighted to be the owner of an Exige. It might not be as fast in a straight line, and it may not be as prestigous as some, but for fun I recon it as good as it gets.