Hello from old user..

Just wanted to say hello from Norway…

I bought the Exige S1 car in 2005… I attended the Exige.com Croft track day in 2007?.. After the Honda NA conversion in 2008? I almost stopped using the car :frowning:… … Its a very difficult car to get rid off for me…

I just went for a quick drive (MOT comming up) and just remembered this old site… :slight_smile:


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I think it’s fair to say exiges.com is a bit quieter these days.
A number of members have swapped their Exiges for Caterhams and some are racing in the Toyo race series.
I can understand you hanging onto your car. They get under your skin, and dare I say, I think S1’s are getting more interesting as they age.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Its small but hardcore group of us in here at the minute! Feel free to start a thread ( or continue an old one! ) if you desire!

Welcome back :raised_hands:

Welcome back :thumbup:

Welcome back - we need a picture :grin::sunglasses:

Welcome back! Where are the pictures :smiley:

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Oooo, post covid I have lost out on news. Who is racing what in which Toyo category?