Hello everyone from an LF1 owner.

A big hello to everyone on here.

Had my LF1 a few months now but it has taken quite a while to actually get the car on the road!

Met a few LF1 owners when we were down at Hethel for the factory tour on July 15th so if you are on here, hello again.

I’ve put together an LF1 facebook page so people interested can find out everything they need to know about these cars, in particular the race victories they celebrate.


Also to fellow LF1 owners, Tom (from The Lotus Forums) and myelf have put together an LF1 registry (still a work in progress) but nearing completion:


Looking forward to driving my LF1 and meeting up with fellow exige owners.

Hello. Stunning looking cars :thumbup:

Hi Paul
Welcome to Exiges.com, glad the account got activated :thumbup: :wave:

Welcome Paul glad car all ready for the road now :sunglasses:

Welcome stunning looking cars…