Hello and can I use one every day?

Hi there.

Thinking about getting rid of my Audi S4 and going for an exige. But I have one question, will I be able to use it every day, I will do about 8,000 miles a year. Or should I go for an elise 111R for everyday useability?


Hi there, a search of this site for everyday use will give you plenty of opinions, but here is mine

i have an S4 and an exige S1 and no i would not swop the S4 for an exige for everyday use, not even an Exige S2. To go from a car with huge torque to a high revving car that needs it gearbox worked is to me not an option for everyday use.

I cannot reccomend the exige enough and do not want to put anyone off the car, but i know how capable and comfortable the S4 is. What you can do if you want a bit more lateral G’s is to fit Semi Slicks to the S4, i recently put a set of Dunlop D02’s on the car and have been amazed. Also helped that they were 1/3 of the price of the continentals which only lasted me 5000 miles anyway.

Drive an exige and an elise in real world test drives, i.e. not on the dealers test route, and see what you think.

I have an S1 and dont use it every day. It’s a ‘hobby’ vehicle. I toyed with getting an S2 for everyday use (which I’m sure it would easily cope with probably better than the S1 - runs for cover)but the cost and piling the mileage on put me off.

I drive an old MR2 (94) for commuting and the Exige the odd day and at weekends. I have also been frugal enough with other life spending to keep the Elan Sprint on the road too.

Best bit for me is looking forward to and then driving the Loti’s after some sedate and less noisy MR2 commuting.

Get a pax ride at a track day, that should sort you out!

S1 or S2 great cars but quite different

How PC of me

You can use them every day, but you really need to get off on the buzz to make it palatable.


Mine is used every day but then I’m a freak of nature and my daily commute is 40mins down some terrific back roads .

I use mine every day.

Use mine everyday as well.

everyday for the last 3 years or so - nothing i can say against it

i’m 6’4’’

Very liveable with, I drive mine every day, and got 10 bags of shopping in the boot plus a winter jacket!!