Hello all!!

Herrow guys and gals!

Hope you’re all well

Just thought I’d drop in and say I’ve had my first couple of races in the MR2, so while it was sad to see the Exige go, to fund some bumper to bumper action in an old MR2 it has felt somehow well worth it indeed! So if any of you fancy getting into racing but not risk your Exige then definately have a look, it’s cheap as and there’s some bl00dy good drivers out there (one guy is a 10 years experience ARDS instructor, really something to try and aim for!)… But hopefully will see you all at the next trackday hopefully

I’ve got another 2 raes at Cadwell this weekend (Sun and Mon) so really looking forwards to that!!!

I’ve done a report for Snetterton here:

Enjoy and you guys enjoy donny tomorrow!


Heh RML,

Great to hear from you

Get your arse down to Donny for the annual meet up tomorrow and/or Brands on Monday for the MESC race. You could get an Exige fix with some pax laps plus it would be great to see you and catch up…


Hi Mark!

Good luck for Cadwell. Steady through the woods!


Hi Mark!

Good luck for Cadwell. Steady through the woods!


Oops…guess we won’t be seeing you at the weekend then! Good luck mate - we should try and organise an exiges.com outing to a subsequent round to come and cheer you on.

Yep, not this weekend, but definately would be good to see you all! And I should be going a bit quicker as I get used to the car a bit more

I could do with an Exige fix however! So maybe I’ll have to catch up at another trackday soon!