Hello ! (again)

Well, some 18 months after i had initially planned on getting an exige ive finally got one

not sure i can put into words my first impressions of the car as i had the chance to take it for a nice long drive today and it completely blew me away.

Nice one!Enjoy…

Congratulations! Welcome to the club.

It is a bit unique isn’t it!


Well done, you won’t regret it.

A few newbie questions that probably have really simple answers …

I was trying to reverse it into my garage last night and had real difficulty looking out the rear window due to the lights that illuminate the rear license plate also illuminating the inside of the engine bay/underside of the rear screen … any ideas

i also remember reading a post on here ages ago about putting a holdall in the “boot” to act as a container … what do you peeps use ?

lastly, how easy is it to adjust the catch on the front grill as its a touch loose and could do with sitting a fraction lower ?

thanks in advance


Always good to see new people enjoying the Exige.
I use a large holdall in the boot, it’s never shown any signs of trying to escape.
Are you talking about the front bonnet thing? I’ve recently had a bit of fun adjusting that, so I think I can help a little.
You need a big spanner (I used an adjustable one) to slack off the big locking nut on the striker pin. Then you can screw the striker pin further into the nut that’s set into the bonnet. This effective shortens the pin. Then you simply retighten the locking nut and Bob’s your uncle! The position of the pin is also adjustable, when you slack off the locking nut, the pin is free to slide left/right and fore/aft, so try to keep it in the same place, or you’ll find it difficult to open the bonnet again. (Voice of experience )

thanks brendan, thats exactly what i was on about (the striker pin needing adjustment slightly)

as for the holdall … im guessing one made of leather so it doesnt go up in flames if it gets a touch warm

anyone got any ideas about the lights ?


anyone got any ideas about the lights ?

Black paint on the inside?

And about the holdall, I ditched the rubber aluminized thing that the car comes with, because it didn’t let the water excape and there were signs that the aluminum wanted to start corroding (you know, marks).

Put a very porous rubber mat bought in Halfords and a motorcycle elastic net, to keep the things in place.

About 3Kg lighter too

That’s a good tip about the boot liner, Uldis. I can’t believe how heavy it is, especially if the boot leaks and the liner soaks up some water. I checked it once, and I think it was something silly like 7 kilos
I’m going to have to look for one of these mats from Halfords.

As for the lights, Keane. Have you got lights in your garage. If so, you could just switch off your headlights.

I adjusted the front bonnet once�I thought I was being careful�then I tried to open it�NOOOOOOO. Locked solid! Be very careful if you have to move the position of the mounting plate, or you will be there a long time with a hexagonal socket squeezing between closed lid and windscreen.

Welcome !!!

As to the lights, I recommend that all reversing in an Exige is done using the wing mirrors, because there are too many stray reflections around, even in daylight…

It is also necessary to open both windows, and somehow the noise of the exhaust reflects off obstacles and gives you a sense of where you are (you’ll think I’m bats…)

Finally, in extreme circumstances you can open the drivers door and sit on the sill whilst looking back, but make sure you can reach the clutch properly before trying this !!!

in extreme circumstances you can open the drivers door and sit on the sill whilst looking back

Learn that one off Lord Whitter from his Lambo parking?!


Desperation, actually

I second what mike says

get used to using yer door mirrors to reverse the exige. I do this EVERY day to get my exige up my inclined drive and into my garage.

ohh BTW kp78 a hearty scots welcome to exiges.com