Heel & Toeing


I know the principle of heel and toeing but I haven’t worked out how to do it. At my track day yesterday I really needed it as changing down on the breaks at high speed really unsettles the car just before you turn in.

Can anybody point me in the right direction of any articles, web sites (with pictures pref) or info on how to heel and toe.

many thanks


An instructural DVD called ‘Bending the rules’ by Andrew Walsh is available here:-

He also does personal driver training too.

Other than that, if you already know the principles just persevere until you can make it work for you.

Hope this helps


Just ordered DVD


Good advice that!


Good DVD.

Book yourself onto one of his instruction days at North Weald. One of the best investments you can make.

I have the DVD, very good tool if you can get past the foreign accent
Also have done one of Mr Walshy’s days at north weald, fantastic day but be prepared to have to buy a new set of tyres after.

I’m booked up with Mr Walshy on 19th Sep. You get 10% off your first booking if your a SELOC member.

I have the DVD, very good tool if you can get past the foreign accent

Cheeky git

It is a good day.

Spinning your car at 90+ MPH becomes really fun after a few times

To add to Davey’s point, it should be added that the spinning is done in the middle of a very wide runway and where there is absolutely nothing to hit; the point of the day.