Heating systems & Gear Changing

Just had the car back form the dealers as the gear shift was a bit loose (Landrover size loose) and found that there was a ball joint loose and a plate near the box that had bent a little(too techinical for me, sorry i am a tourist re Exiges at the moment). It is amazing now and i can start to drive it at last, Gearys short shift is something else!!!Has anyone had problems with getting heat through to the cabin from the heater. The dealers had sorted it out but the pipe they had to re-connect must have come loose agin because it is bloody freezing. Any suggestions to ensure it does not come off again? Cheers, Mark.

MarkHas your car got aircon?We’ll have a chat at Donington on Thursday - will bring your sunstrip too!

Thanks Pesky, see you there.Yes it has got air-con.

quote:Originally posted by mcdermom:Yes it has got air-con.Cold air into the footwell (in winter!!!) is a common problem with aircon cars. I blank off the intake (“holed” section)in the footwell. Phil Davies removed his front clam etc & found that the ducting (IIRC)was not connected up properly. Maybe a search on Phil’s posts is the order of the day?CU on Thursday.

What i found was that the flap in the box under the battery was not closing properly, it was getting stuck due to the amount of sealant used !!p.s. I saw your car at SGT yesterday morning when i was picking up my wifes car[This message has been edited by Phil Davies (edited 20 November 2002).]

PESKY!!mcdermom has bought my old car!!

MikeyI know - met him, & a few more of “the gang” at Donington today [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]Would you believe it, the dealer had put new tyres on the rear for him - the daft sods had put new 39s on the rear, whilst keeping 48s on the front!!!

Mate, I don’t believe it!The two different types of tyres give different levels of grip, not great! He might want to chat with SGT about that.Hope yer well matey, I’ve bought an evo now, I didn’t know you used to have one, you dark old norfern horse!!What made you sell it??

MikeyMark’s already spoken wuth the dealer - embarassed agreement to sort out pronto!EVO - great car, so much better than the Impreza WRX which preceded it in my garage. Got rid for a number of reasons:1. Bloody expensive running costs @ 22K miles pa.2. Scary driving around Manchester - car jacking etc. 3. Saw the Exige & fell in love. You can see a piccie of it on the Lancer Register website - Note I had the wheels repainted black!!! http://www.lancerregister.com/mlr-main.html

Awesome day out yesterday. What a car, i loved it, the level of grip was great, even though i had odd tyres on, but that will be sorted on Monday.Paul my friend came along as an old hat of the Donnington Drivers school and really put the car through it’s paces, awesome lines and speed it the bloody wet, wow. Had a moment after Redgate and did a spin, no bigger all calmy handled and off again, smooth.Mike, the car is amazing and it was the gear linkage that was bent hence the box being loose, must have been keen test drivers at SGT. They have made it A1 though, Taff certainly knows his stuff.Did anyone take any photo’s as my battery ran out and i would love a photo of her around Donnington?Mike, Steve and Martin great to meet you as well and look forward to seeing you at the next one. Yes, i will order a diffsuer after she in doors has understood what she is buying me for Christmas.Cheers, Mark.

Mark,Justin Newman has posted some photos on the BookaTrack site. Don’t know if you are in there but have a look here: http://www.bookatrack.com/isapi/bat.dll?2&gall&135&83man&22561&0&1795&349#j RegardsMike

83 Man.Thanks for the link, unfortunately none on there for me, but maybe someone else mistakingly took one, i am sure time will tell.Mark.