Heater fan not working

Will a failed resistor pack stop the heater fan working completely? If it is, what is the current bast replacement?

usually this will fix it Ade

:thumbup: Sorted mine out.

The original is sat on the base of the heater box, so just takes on water and rots. This is a pretty elegant solution to relocate it all higher/dryer.

Good luck swapping it out though :laughing:

Parts ordered via Seriously Lotus, let the carnage, sorry upgrade begin, well once I’ve finished my other project and sold it as I now can’t afford to keep it, anyone interested in a 2 Litre powered Mk3.5 Fiesta on Carbs running ~160hp?

Where are the service valves for the AC? Are they under the arch liner of the O\S\R wheel?

Correct, can get to them through side pod

Thanks, going to take it to a friend to get it drained down today, if there is anything left in it…