heater controls illumination.....

they light up for about 10mins… then go out. They wont come back on until the car has been parked up and left for a bit. Not related to whether fan is on/off or hot/cold or aircon/not. Very strange. Will get it fixed at the 1000miles service but in the mean time - any suggestions? Relay? Fuse? Bizarre!!!

Mine does the same

Its on my list of things to look at over winter,

my hypothesis is a relay heating up and then ‘tripping’ (or something similar), although surprised that this could be responsible for such a confined spot - nothing else seems to fail… i have shown it to be independant of blower ON/OFF, heat HOT/COLD and air con ON/OFF… i’m sure they will fix @ the 1k service - i’ll let you know!

My entire heater/fan matrix thingy has just been replaced under warranty, clam off job…


I didnt even know my S2 Exige had Illuminated Heater controls. Theyve never worked from new in that case. Another thing for the list at First Service time!

funny you say that… read my ‘new car first thoughts’ post and you’ll see i was left scratching my head about whether they were meant to be illuminated or not!!