Headlight damage from lowering

I had mine set to 115/125 by Hofmann’s some months back and noticed some condensation in the headlights recently. Unfortunately I’ve worn through the liners and into the headlight pods.
Suspension now set up a tad (240R rims and 48s)
So if you are low, check your liners for wear.

mines at 120 unloaded and skimming the pod.

How can people get down to 120mm unloaded ?

Does anybody know if the 2010 model cars are different from earlier cars as per ride height etc ?

I’m running the same 2 way Ohlins from Lotus - is anyone using different spring rates ?

Want to get mine lower but can’t as the dampers are on the end of the threads

I actually cut away the back for the light pod to allow me to run the car lower. I’ve then taped them up to stop any dirt getting in, and I have ally plate on the arch liner to repair the hole without reintroducing the bump. BTW The arch liners will wear through even with 125 ride height.

My new Nitron NTR’s have allowed my ride height to be set at 110F/115R. Plenty of adjustment to go lower and higher too! :sunglasses:

I have worn through the liners, and am JUST touching the back of the headlights. Will keep an eye on this but think I will be ok! :smiley:

I am on 110/120 with 425/550 springs, wore through the arch liners in no time and now gradually wearing away the light pods, don’t know if the earlier cars can go lower as we have slightly different light fittings?