Head Gasket?

Hi Chaps,
Any Ideas why my coolant would be boiling and car temperature hitting 120c Stopped and let engine cool down - coolant levels dropped and left reservoir/tank empty until carefully undoing it and it flooded back in - yes whilst boiling - if it does sound like the head gasket is there anything else I could do at the same time of fixing to increase output?


Doesn’t sound good.

You called the AA? I understand they can put a probe (or something) in the coolant tank and confirm a HGF.

Fingers crossed!


sounds like problems



Expansion Tank cap?

Thanks for advice - need to call AA anyway to get it to garage. Had the cap replaced already so not that. It has got worse over the past month or so - Had Silicon hoses fitted in between so I guess its not an airlock

Hi Simon - I wasnt in traffic BUT was giving it a fairly heavy right foot. I was doing er… 70 when the temp hit 120c. I managed to limp home by having heaters in the cabin turned on full and free wheeling for a fair way.

Will get the pump checked. Thanks for info.