Having a bad day, can you help?

Well the car started first time, got hot, wouldn’t start again! Any further ideas? It doesn’t seem to be a fuse issue any longer (re-checked that).

So I thought I’d try and console myself with some of AndyD’s cheaper plugs from Halfords, none. Never mind.

Then, my search for a Bosch/Varta battery was equally fruitless and rather more frustrating. Can anybody help with a suggestion of an appropriate outlet?

Boy am I going to thrash the nuts of this once its running again properly!


I would go for some BOOZE…

It’s my usual outlet

OH THAT’S ON THE CARDS! Whatever the rugby result!

I’m just about to join you, following a chinese…

(cue Pesk)

No mike, we’re playing France!

I wasn’t expecting you to join me but you’re very welcome!


May sound daft, but where are you keeping your keys? I had a problem leaving them in my pocket all day with a mobile phone. Couldn’t then deactivate the immobiliser. Called out RAC who took me home to get other set - worked perfectly. Appears similar thing happens to certain Peugeot and Ford cars when left in area with powerful radiation eg paging system at hospitals. RAC guy says they tow the car a mile from the hospital, tell the driver not to touch anything for an hour, then usually everything is fine.Totally mad but ???

This does make sense…

Ian’s car didn’t start until we towed it out to Llandow, miles from anywhere…

And he had been in the motorway services, near the high powered mobile transmitters…

Got to be worth a try…

Now there’s a weird one!

Not sure it’s likely on mine though as it’s happening intermitently at home, which is along way from a good RF source, with the keys kept in a draw safe from small children and mobile phones.


Martians, then ??