have the french finally got a true sports car?

Anyone know anything about the peugeot rc sports car? went to paris a few months ago and saw about 10 of line outside a peugeot showroom they looked amazing. missed the birmingham motoshow this year, did anyone see them there? are they going to put them into production? could this be the sports car of the future? 0-60 in 6s, for the petrol and also 0-60 in 6s for the DISEL!!. Any replies greatly welcome Pics at: http://www.allsportauto.com/english/detailphoto.php3?zl_id=6000&zl_idMD=736

lots more pics here: http://www.allsportauto.com/english/sportphoto.php?zl_idMD=736

That’s cool!!Roy

Certainly looks better than the Nissan 350Z [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/wink.gif[/image]

AFAIK, the Peugeots are purely concept cars and won’t make production although some elements of their design may filter through to future models. Very nice though and they’ve rec’d a good reception by most folk so who knows - maybe they will be made after all.

Thats a shame, as i think its one of the best looking and stylish cars i have ever seen why would they not put it into prduction? peugeot are a masive company, and it would surly do peugeot a image boost, and everyone who i have shown the car to seems to think its amazing.

I think the answer is purely because they are French!The car looks relatively small, and the total number of sheep you could transport to the nearest motorway and subsequently set fire to is probably three or four, possibly five, but non would have seat belts on.Add to the fact, the car being small, it would be relatively useless for blocking the motorways and ports, allowing for law abiding citizens to easily manoever (sp) around it.IMHOFrench did produce a stunning car, Renault Spyder! Looks great, but was probably the most disappointing car I have ever driven. Even a 205 was more exciting, and the spyder is sooooo slow!