Have great new year

Have a great new year all and hopefully here’s to a great Lotus filled 2007…

i’ll second that. my new years resolution: obey the speed limit

Now, I know 2006 hasn�t exactly been the rosiest of years for Exiges.com, but hell, I�ve loved it…

I mean this time last year, I�d never even been to a track, and the thought of an Exige pax lap (round Donny no less) was but a distant dream; but these days, even if I am to utter the words �Silverstone�, or, �Exige�, the family (otherwise known as �transport�) cringe, and quickly leave the room as to avoid me asking for �just a quick lift this weekend�. I mean, this place has opened my eyes (particularly to Motorsport, and some other stuff to boot ), and, I guess, I guess I wanted to say thanks, oh, and…



Yeh, happy new year to all exigers everywhere

arrrrrrrrr…my head feels like there’s a frenchman living in it.

A Happy Lotus filled New Year to all


Happy new year everyone !