Has anyone got an IACV lying about?

Although so far I’ve managed to tweak whatever I’ve needed with the Emerald I find myself in the situation of having a poor idle now.

My car doesn’t have any of the vaccuum hoses, not even the ones to the fuel pressure regualtor.
Ok, it has the IACV ones, but that’s it. So no leaks.

And around Feb it started to idle consistently high while cold (about 2.5K rpm) and drop down to 800-900 rpm when hot). Obviously too low, as it eventually dies on traffic.

Have changed the Lambda, cleaned the IACV and tried to adjust the mapping, but no use, it tends to idle low when hot.

Would like to try a different IACV, anybody’s got one lying about? Maybe those of you who have gone for engine conversions or Jenveys?


Since you have an emerald why don’t you do away with the IACV all together. DVA removed mine and it runs perfectly hot or cold. I’m sure this has been discussed before.

I still have my old IACV which I would be willing to lend for you to try, but I am going skiing tomorrow for a week so you may be better to try somebody else. I’ll check back when I return.


I should have one in the garage. I will look tomorrow and let you know.


I’m with Anthony here mate, mine also idles perfectly hot or cold with no IACV.

But like Mike I think I have mine somewhere, so will also have a look tomorrow.


Ok, thanks guys.
Having talked with Dave (da man) Walker extensively during my last maping session over there we came to the conclusion that it would be best to leave it there, but can see your points.

Would like to give it another shot, and if I can’t sort it out then I’ll just do away with it

Will wait to hear from you Mike (or Sean)


Yes I have one. Are you coming down my way any time soon or do you want me to stick it in the post?



Just crack the TB idle screw open a little, that should provide a fix, make sure you align the throttle pot again after doing it.


Not coming down any time soon, going to be traveling next week.
Will PM you my addres.

And thanks Dave, will give that a try as well.