Has anyone fitted a harness and bar to a S1?

Is it hard to fit ie do you need to do much drilling etc and where exactly do the lap belts fit on to?

Many thanks


Remove both seats and the panel the speakers are fitted to, bolt in the harness bar, the holes it bolts into are already there. Next refit the speaker panel, however I had trim about a square inch off each side of the panel to allow it to fit around the harness bar. The lap belts fit in place of where the original belts attached to the seat. All in all it should take no more than a couple of hours to complete.

Thanks for that.


I would add that it took me a long time to get the bar in place , you cant see the holes and it all has to be done by feel ( as the bishop said)and trimming the speaker panel required more material removed than firs t seemed necessary. I used an Elise parts bar, others may be easier.
Fit the lap straps to the original seat fittinga and keep the original 3 pointers in place as a full 4 pointer is a PITA on the road.

Also decide whether you want snap hooks on the shoulders straps. I did and with the Eliseparts bar you also have to trim around the rear window surround to allow the eyebolts to fit