Harness questions

Checking in from Singapore.

I just bought two pairs of 4 pt harness for my mk1 Exige. I am wondering whether

  1. the harnesses for driver and passenger side are interchangeable;
  2. I can mix and match the driver and passenger harnesses with each other. eg the left driver harness with the right passenger harness.

I also have a Reverie seat. It has a cut out for the crouch belt. If I buy the crouch strap, where do I attach it to?



Are they the Safety Devices “stamdard” fitment types ?

Crotch strap - are you using a standard subframe ?


I am using the Safety Devices harness that comes stock on some Exiges. And I am currently on 340r/Exige subframe.


Then the standard buckles are handed … so that the buckle is always on the “inside” lap strap.

You can “unhand” them but it means taking the buckle apart ( and catching the springs )

One crotch strap method is to have a bar across the subframe - the standard subframe has two hole for this in line with the hole in the seat - you then wrap the crotch strap around that ( similar to how its done on the harness bar ) - You have to make sure you get a strap that allows you to do this. I beleive the “official” Lotus kit is like that …

Note that the mounting point for a crotch strap is supposed to be 20 degree only either side of vertical - point being the load will not be too horizontal if you stuff it ( if you follow the idea )

Ok, I think I got the part about the crotch strap but I am still unclear whether the harnesses are interchangeable.

What I meant is, for the 4 shoulder harnesses(as opposed to the lap), can they be mixed and match? Is there a predetermined driver side left/right shoulder straps and passenger side left/right shoulder straps? Is there any danger if I use the driver left shoulder strap with passenger left shoulder strap for the driver side?

Then the standard buckles are handed … so that the buckle is always on the “inside” lap strap.

Oh dear! I’m pretty sure my ‘buckles’ are to the outside of the car (S2 Exige, so dealer fitted). I’m not sure if it matters though, does it? from a safety point of view. The dealer left the empty boxes in my car though, I still have them (is that sad?), so I’ll check if there any part numbers on the boxes this evening or whether it says they are handed. I did ask that they left the inertia’s installed so that may be the reason they put the buckles to the outside.

OK - As far as the buckles - I cant see a problem excpet there are going to smash into the tub when you take em off and they are quite heavy … on the inside they fall by the seat and centre plastic handbrake cover …

Shoulder straps - from memory and I’m a few miles away from it so cant check, but the ends appear to be angled so they fit into the buckle correct, difficult to explain but the right hand one bends into the centre and the left one bends into the centre, so if you mixed them they would bend the wrong way …

However … bear in mind the shoulder straps incorporate “ASM” technology - so one has a section that rips - see Here

You MUST have one of the straps with the yellow marker on each side …

Ok, just checked the car and boxes out. Harnesses are Safety Devices Profi II-FE asm.

Drivers side (right hand drive car). Buckle is on the right side of the seat (code number on buckle is 44050). The shoulder strap with the yellow label, ASM strap (anti sub marine) is to the left shoulder and yes the shoulder strap ends are angled inwards.

Passenger side. Buckle again is on the right side of the seat (code number on buckle is 44050). The shoulder strap with the yellow label, ASM strap (anti sub marine) is to the right shoulder and again the shoulder strap ends are angled inwards.

So the shoulder straps match the picture on your link Andy. The picture on the link, looking at the release button on the buckle, looks like the buckle is mounted on the right side of the seat.

However the coding on the boxes show that they are handed.
Right hand, Black 44051A Lotus.
Left hand, Black 44050A Lotus.

The installation instructions state that the ‘asm’ shoulder strap should be on the INBOARD shoulder.

So what I appear to have is the shoulder straps left and right handed OK, but both buckles (44050 remember) left handed.

Can some of you peeps out there with the harnesses fitted on the S2 check your buckle codings for me and advise the side the buckles are mounted on please.


Thanks Andy! My harnesses are all sorted out now.


I just checked my Exige’s(RHD) harnesses, both driver and passenger’s buckles are inboard. And the coding is similar to yours except without the ‘A’ at the end so I think you got the right parts. Maybe you can unhand them like Andy’s suggestion or just call Safety for advice.