Harness Bars

Looking at fitting harnesses to my S2 which is fitted with standard seats without the cut-outs - oh how i now wish I’d ticked ‘Performance Pack’ and not ‘Extreme Paint’

Is anybody else using a harness bar from Eliseparts? Does it locate the shoulder straps ok with the std. seats?

I’ve tried another Exige with std. seats and the Lotus supplied harnesses and they felt poorly located.

Cheers Mark

Good luck!

Read this, & you’ll understand that remark


“Technical Section” - thread = “Harness”

You’ll have to register first, then nip out & buy a hacksaw & a Dremmel

Lotus themselves do not support your suggestion

Apprently even locating the harness with bolts behind the seats will not prevent the possibility of the harnesses slipping from your shoulders in a heavy shunt, as the standard seat width pushes the harness away from the correct position over your shoulders.

OTOH, it could just be the Lotus lawyers doing some @rse covering

Good luck.


Bat Ive got a harness bar, dont know what make, which i ran in my old s2 elise, it had standard seats, bolt on 3" willians 4 point harness and never had any problems. The only combination which you cant do that i know of is the wrap round belts with standard seats. And yes to fit it neatly, requires accurate cutting and fettling and ideally some trial fits, which is a pain in the a**.

Get help from someone who has done it before and learn some new swear words (you’re gonna need them!)

Cheers all

Another PITA job for spring, along with removing the clam to do the brake lines.


removing the clam aint that hard! its just the abs control unit which blocks access to the front drivers side inner connection on the brake pipe thats a b*tch!