Harness Bar

Anyone got a harness bar that accepts bolt on eyelets, instead of the wrap around version. I’ve seen them for sale for the S2 elise, but I’ve been led to beleive that they don’t fit the Exige or 111R.


I’ve got one that was fitted in my S1 Exige, before I went for the full A Frame and diagonal bar into the footwell, to be race legal.

It came from Geary at Eliseparts, and has the threaded holes to bolt the belts to…

Thanks, I see that a few people, Eliseparts included, are doing S2 Elise bars, but wondering if anyones actually got one fitted to an S2 Exige or 111R.

Can’t imagine why they would have change the mount points for the 111R and Exige, but it would be useful if someone could confirm.

Funney you should mention this cos i finally thinking of putting my s2 setup in my exige. Hangar111 show a straight bar with ‘cups’ on the end rather than plates? I will ask jonty what his bar was like.

I have put my bar up for sale in the sale/wanted section

I spoke to jonty and he didnt take any photos of his harness bar, however after looking at sector 111 site for fitting their bar i would say it is the same as the s2.

ps he got it from eliseparts