Hard wiring a Road Angel

Has anyone had experience of hard wiring a Road Angel or similar in an Exige S ? I hate having the power cable trailing across the cabin , however I’m reluctant to start pulling the dashboard apart.

What’s the best way to route the cable so that it exits near the centre of the dash/windscreen. Presumably, there’s somewhere around the ignition key area to take a power feed?

Any advice gratefully received. Cheers.

I have been looking to do this to, but have not got around to it yet. I was planning to take a live connection from the back of the stereo.

Yep i’ve done this. Turns on with ignition and off when removing keys.

Run the cable from the centre of the dash along the bottom edge of the windscreen around to the passenger side.

If you take off the passenger upright panel that has the speaker on it(only a few screws). Then feed the cable through to the back of the radio.

Whilst this panel is undone you can lift up the plastic trim that has the windscreen air vents in it to run the cable under it most of the way around to the centre of the windscreen.

Then use the switched live on the back of the radio. I just used a couple of those plastic clips with the metal spade that join to cables together without cutting them.

Worked everyday for the last 2 1/2 years and can only see about 2 inches of cable out the back of the road angel. (used the little magnetic circle to attach it to the plastic dash in the centre).

I’ve also done the same thing with the power for my tom tom. Although that comes out just to the right of my steering wheel, on top of the flat black bit of dash. (use industrial velcro for that)

I’ve done something similar with my Garmin Sat Nav.

I connected it to the switched live by the ignition switch, and took off the driver’s side speaker panel and fed the cable through there, and under the edge of the dash panel in the same way as Chris H.

are they still removeable quickly for anti-theft purposes?

Thank you Chris and Brendon, that’s really helpful. I’ll have a bash at it this weekend.

The next challenge is to take the seats out (hope the roof doesn’t have to come off) to fit Schroth harnesses with a Sector 111 hardware kit.

The Road Angels are definitely removable - usually secured by either a windscreen suction mount or dashboard an adhesive magnetic plate. The power cable plugs into the back of the unit so no problems to disconnect and take the device with you.

Yes, the cable just plugs into the unit. You can unplug the sat nav and push the excess cable into the gap between the windscreen and the dash so it’s barely visible and then carry the main unit around with you.

I’d take the roof off to remove the seats. Only takes about 10 minutes to remove.

It’ll be much easier to work on the car aswell then and your less likely to scratch the sills with the runners on the seats.