Happy New year

Have a good one everyone

Happy new year see you in 2006 (have to wait another 6hrs 45 min) Plenty of time to have a few

Happy New Year! About 5:15 left here - can’t wait until the Exige is that close to delivery!

Have a good one everyone…must do more miles this year

Happy New Year to all…hope your heads aren’t to bad this morning.

Nice one guys.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Exigers!!!

Happy (HIC!) New Year!

H N Y!!!

H N Y where H=Honda

Yeah, Happy New Year guys!!

Happy New Year guys and girls, lets hope its a good one

Err what everyone else said .

happy new year too all

Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks

Been fighting the snow drifts in France for New Year (not in the Exige of course) - only one minor ‘off’ last Wednesday and all snow gone by Friday. Back home now, so Happy New Year to you all.