Happy Days

Don’t know about anyone else, but I find the short days & weather between November & February really gets me down

However, a visit to my garage, or a flick through my photo album bring back happy memories, & a “can’t wait” feeling for the next trip to Le Mans


I don’t.
But that’s because I didn’t grow up here (come to think of it, I didn’t grow up at all )
I find the short daylight hours quite… romantic.

Although there is less grip from the A048’s in the morning frozen surface, and somehow, every time I go out with the car it gets covered in all sorts of mud/cack/grime that I have to wash it TOO often.


Any plans for le mans mext year ??

BTW - do you know if your pic made it to the SELOC calender ?


Le Mans 2004 - doing the “Classic” on weekend of July 23rd-25th. Will be posting more details in a couple of months or so.

Picture - I suspect that only you voted for it (ta muchly), so it wan’t picked - but no probs with that

Nice photo, but it needs a couple of naked ladies to round out the composition !!

Mike from a purely personal point of view perhaps the introduction of gratuitous female naked flesh would tend to distract the viewer from the subject matter and may offend - of course I exclude myself from this moral minority opinion

Rob the photo suggests you have put the Laser Blue out to stud - the New Ali looks a little on the coy side