Happy Bunny

I know it’s for driving,but…
Spent the day giving the old girl a good spring clean inside.
Seats out, mats out and passenger cup holder thing out.
Now it’s spotless inside and seat runners are no longer grubby!
I know, sad muppet - but I’m happy - and at least if Rob Gibbons looked inside it now, he would’nt scowl!
All ready for Lotus to do floor recall and mess it up!

Tone, know what you mean but like any mistress to get the best out of them they need pampering

…and tomorrow it’s wash and wax the body work
and metal polish the inside of the exhaust tailpipes
and clean and polish the wheels.
Then Sunday drive like fury and fly the plane…
One very easy to please Exige driver.

Hey, I’m easier to please these days! It just has to start to make my day!


I guess I know what you mean Ian.
Lovely blat today - teasing boy racers in their skirted corsa’s (with blue neons undeneath - real style!!)