Happy Birthday

Many happy returns, IDG

Yeah Happy Bifday Ian!!!

Have a good one, Ian :smiley:

Yup and its a milestone one too, the big 5 0 for Ian today!!!

Congrats Ian. I’ll speak to him today and let him know there’s a birthday thread for him.

50, is that all. The years have not been kind!! :wink:

Happy birthday Ian :slight_smile:

Have a good one Ian.

Happy Birthday Ian!

Ian says hello, he’ll be along in the next day or two when he’s finished living it up with his Missus in the West End. Not every day you reach half a century :wink:

Happy Birthday Ian, hope you have a NA Rocking day!

Proper cheesy stuff :smiley:

50? A mere stripling.

50 ! Happy birthday Ian :slight_smile:

I must be getting old. I thought Ian was MUCH younger than me…but apparently not. Happy Birthday Ian!

Yeah enjoy yourself Ian … looks like we will have a 50’s club at next years Exige Day …

Happy Bday Ian - don’t eat too much cake :wink:

Ian…welcome to the club :slight_smile:

Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Errr I was expecting IDG to be along and acknowledge all his well wishers,…and maybe point out that I may have got his age wrong :blush:

…did his Missus say he was 40 or 50 when I spoke to her the other night? She said it was a milestone birthday, and everyone seems to believe he’s 50 so he must be 50 right? It can’t of been his 40th noooo :wink:

Ahhh guys, I’m touched, thanks!

Sorry for the delay, that was some hangover! So bad I appear to have lost a decade (Ben you cheeky f*****!)

I’m working my friggin nuts off currently but as my (now ex-)friend Ben says, this place is a bit of an antidote to that, so I shall hang out more.

Things do seem to have changed in my absense, AndyD actually seems to have a car within 10,000 miles of him, SeanB has an avatar that you can lose far too long waiting to see when it starts repeating and Pesky…well I guess not everything has changed! :wink:

I miss my car!!!

Ian :slight_smile: