HANS - who's got one ?

Watched the Horizon programme on car crashes and it scared me (a bit)
As a result I am seriously considering a HANS device
My only concern is using it correctly (and having to buy a new fookin helmet) :angry:
I’ve heard and read that the positioning of the harnesses on the HANS device is critical and if not positioned correctly you can make things worse & I don’t have a team of monkeys to strap me into the car
How is anyone getting on with using it themselves ???

PS no fookin Star Wars jokes, pics of Chewybaccy etc :wink:


may help?


TA :wink:

Relax, you only do track days.

HANS is for the race boys & head on crashes :wink:

Watch this video


Hans is a trade name and the correct name for these devices now is Frontal Head Restraint (FHR). There are several different brands available now and correct fitting is essential.

See FIA ARTICLE for more…