Hanger 111 s300 kit advice

Hey guys

I havent been on for a while i sold my exige s 220 a couple of years ago. And in the market for another now :slight_smile:

when i had my lotus i wanted the hanger s300 kit to take it too 300bhp. My question is is it worth ÂŁ4,310 ? List is

The 300S upgrade kit includes:

  • Engine diagnostic health-check
  • 300S ECU reflash
  • Racing chargecooler system
  • Alloy supercharger pulley
  • Stainless steel 4-2-1 exhaust manifold
  • Specially calibrated fuel injectors
  • Cold air induction kit
  • Sports catalyst
  • Uprated spark plugs
  • Uprated fuel pump (optional)
  • Discrete 300S decals (optional)
  • Installation at Hangar 111 workshop

Was thinking if anyone has done the conversion and done it abit cheaper for the same spec. Just thinking ÂŁ4,310 is abit much for the above (if you took out the labour element)

Thanks guys also keeping my eyes out for a nice 220 or more :wink:

Regards lee

The injectors should not be optional but required!

As I understand it, the 4-2-1 exhaust is better suited for normally aspirated engines and the 4-1 better for supercharged engines…

I personally don’t like charge coolers because of interface losses (you have twice as many than an air-to-air intercooler) and the complexity of the system…more to go wrong.

Hangar111 also uses the roots type supercharger… they make great power down low, but generate lots of intake heat up top. A Rotrex type of supercharger is much more efficient in the range that you will be using a Lotus and would eliminate the need for the charge cooler… two wrongs don’t make a right…

And dont forget to add 2.5k for a stronger gearbox :wink:

Anyone else opinion. Im really after an answer if buying seperate would be cheaper. And who has done the conversion?

drive one first, see what the problems are with the remap (im assuming there are problems, and also i doubt they hit 300bhp)

personally you can get 90% of the way there with the 260 remap, it doesn’t actually make good financial sense to go to 300hp, there is a gain but it is not much and it risks lots of other stuff like the gearbox on the way

260hp map and get better airflow to the standard intercooler :slight_smile:

It’s a good kit and great people to deal with. They’ve looked after my car for a long time and mine is currently running 330 hp. My only concern would be, as others have said, the gearbox. There are solutions for that but they don’t come for free.

Agree with Ade, the 260 remap is very good and well proven (and the reality is that it’s nearer to 270bhp than 260). Provided you have a certain level of mechanical sympathy you’ll not need to upgrade the gearbox either.

That will leave you a great big chunk of cash left over to spend on enjoying the car, track days etc…

So you could go from 220 to 260 quite easy with just a remap then? Anything you would need to do to support it?

Thank you for you advice id rather ask question before taking a big jump

you will need injectors and a fuel pump as well. Driven sensibly the clutch will be ok, but do expect it to go if you do big launches etc. it is only a 190hp spec part and is the first weak link in the car at 260hp

I have the 280 kit which has been faultless.

Thanks for all the comment now just the search for a decent 220 within price range :wink:

Why not get an NA Exige then fit their 250s kit? With exhaust, sports cat you’ll get over 260. Comes with the better Rotrex SC too

Didnt think of that i think there is a car that is 255 for sale which is like this i think

Much better option! :clap: :clap: :clap: