Hanger 111 300S upgrade

Anyone know if there is a company in the US that offers something similar to the Hanger 111 Exige 300S upgrade?

Thanks in advance!!!

BOE is probably the most popular US choice for a ‘turn key’ solution to more power.

It depends on your starting point really, going from an NA car to a 300bhp SC car gives you some newer, better options than simply replicating an Exige S hardware and running more boost through it.

If you already have an Exige S, depending on level of tune from Lotus (220, 240 or 260) will depend on how much is needed to meet 300bhp, but it’s usually:

  • Injectors
  • Fuel Pump
  • Smaller SC pulley
  • ECU Retune

Then if you plan to use the car properly, allow for an air-water chargecooler setup.

My personal preference would be to look into a standalone ECU rather than a prebaked setup from a vendor - but it depends on how hands-on you want to be longer term.

And also… maybe start a small savings pot for if the gearbox decides it’s not your lucky day… By no means guaranteed to give you problems, but it’s not a strong point at the best of times and running more torque just makes it more risky depending on how you drive…