Handbrake Cable

My handbrake cable keeps sticking On. I hoped the dealer would fix it at the 12K service on Friday 9th but he didnt… said I needed a new cable and they didn’t have one in stock and didn’t want to try and fix it in case it disintegrated!!! He also said I need new rear brake pads - is this a related problem?Has anyone else had bother with their handbrakes ??Can anyone give me advice about replacing the cable - is it easy? Are there any watch-outs? (eg will the mechanism at the wheel end spring apart and give me hours of headaches trying to put it back togehter and readjusting the new cable (when I get one) after fitting? How long should it take me to fit a new cable and clean-up/grease the mechanism? Will I have to do any adjusting via trial and error?Is this a common fault - is it really the cable and not just the mechanism at the wheel end which needs cleaned up and greased?How does the handbrake work? is it a seperate caliper or what?Hope you can help.

RoxTeddyHandbrake cable problem - appears to be a new one!I’ve mailed you some info, which hopefully will assist.