Guys and girls, Lotus Life needs your help...

Lotus owners, we need your help…You may already be aware that Lotus, or should we say that Proton have made some redundancies at Lotus recently that make you sit up and think what is going on there!How can a company just clean out it’s customer services department over night? and throw away some of its most talented engineers?If you are not already aware, please visit these pages and see for yourself what’s happening: We need all the support we can gather for this Sunday 29 April at Hethel. The future of Lotus could be at stake…If you can’t make it, please check the site for details and email me with your comments.We need 100’s of us there to make a big impact, we are relying on you all to help.RegardsScott.

This may not be a popular post but…as a close follower of many of the Lotus websites it surprises me that there is such a fuss to “save” the jobs of some people who only a couple of weeks ago were the face of Lotus and taking alot of stick for not getting things fixed.As I understand it many of the engineers that are going are on the engineering side of the business not the car production side and as they essentially work as consultants once the consulting work dries up (and it has) so do their jobs. It happens to the rest of us in the real world so why should Lotus be any different.Nobody knows what is coming in behind these changes so it may be premature to try and save anything.Change is inevitable in life and jobs these days so just let them get on with it…they have a new boss and he should be given the opportunity to succeed (or fail if you are that way inclined).The old guard are those responsible for the recent cock-ups regarding no series II’s and not wanting to sort out series I warranty issues.I know that there were good people in amongest the numbers but those people will rise to the top again and the bad ones will hopefully be gone forever.At the end of the day I drive the product, if I wanted to run the company I would have applied for a job!!!(hard hat on, ducking for cover…)

I agree with you entirely Steve.I should imagine we only know 5-10% of those who are for the chop, and even they weren’t all “good guys”.Russell (customer care) chap will be missed, but I wouldn’t expect him to jump in his car to save my job (well, I work for myself, but you get the idea).After all, if it’s for economic reasons that they’re chopping jobs, do we really want Lotus to lose even more money (and disappear) ? er. no.

Steve, I’m not going to rant about your post, because a lot of it is true, but I can’t agree with all of it. We have owned 17 Lotus’ over a period of 26 years, and I have known some of these people, like Dave Minter, for a very long time. Dave in particular is one of the people that make Lotus’ cars what they are. He is one of the most knowledgeable guys I know there, and he will go to great lengths to help real enthusiasts. I have nothing bad to say about him, and I for one will consider his departure a massive loss. Some of the people that are going have done their utmost to deliver what we, the enthusiasts, want, and I can see no good that will come from their departure. I could go on for a very long time on this subject, so I’ll stop before I bore everyone to tears. But, the bottom line is that while I agree with some of what you have said, there is some of the real cream that are going, which to me makes no sense whatsoever.

quote:Originally posted by Tony Whitter:We have owned 17 Lotus’ over a period of 26 years, and I have known some of these people, like Dave Minter, for a very long time. Dave in particular is one of the people that make Lotus’ cars what they are. He is one of the most knowledgeable guys I know there.But from what I gather, Dave wasn’t “for the chop”, he is leaving for other reasons (like complaining about all the redundancies)

steve, you are a sarci bastard…

Dave was made redundant (his own words).

quote:Originally posted by Bruno:steve, you are a sarci bastard…Now now… none of that language unless followed by a smiley. quote:Originally posted by Tony Whitter:Dave was made redundant (his own words).In that case, I take it back.

As this event is being arranged at such short notice there are lots of ideas/messages floating around on the Internet, so I felt it necessary to clear some of them up. SO please be patient with this long post and read the following:Q) When is the gathering taking place?A) It’s at Lotus’ HQ situated at: Potash Lane, Hethel, Norwich, Norfolk on Sunday 29 April 2001. There is a map on my site @ Q) What time are we meeting?A) This has still to be confirmed as we are trying to assess who’s coming from which parts of the country, but keep checking the site listed above for all the latest news.Q) How much does it cost to enter?A) Nothing, this is free for everyone.Q) I’m not an OLC member can I still attend?A) Yes. Debs and John from OLC have confirmed that this open day is open to any Lotus owners, not just OLC members.Q) My wife wants to come along with me, can she?A) Yes. Wives, husbands, partners, family friends are all entitled to come along, not just the driver of the car.Q) Will there be press and TV there?A) It seems that will be the case now. Originally I feel it was decided that we should keep this low-key as it was an issue between us and Lotus. However, it seems that the press have been contacted, and therefore we are going to produce an official press release on behalf of us all. I ask you to refrain from talking to press prior to the event, and ask them to view the site @ where they will be able to view the official PR when it is ready. We say this, as we need to be very careful that the press remain on our side, and they go off and write horror stories about Lotus in general as this will be bad for us all in the long run.Q) Why should I attend, I’ve had nothing but trouble with my dealer/Lotus?A) A fair point. Yes there are some individuals who have had a raw deal with their dealers/Lotus, but the majority feel that Lotus were beginning to turn the corner. Also, if you had a poor relationship when there was a service department, think how you’ll be without one all together? It is in everyone’s interest to come along and support everyone for the future success of Lotus and it’s customer services, which includes the OLC forum that so many have come to love, thanks in part to Nick Adams’ input.Q) I have a friend who does not have access to the Internet?A) Yes there will be many who don’t have access, and all I can ask is that those of you who do, please keep them informed of all updates, and between us all everyone should be made aware, as we need 100’s to turn up on the day. Any less and it will be seen as a failure. We are all realising on each other for this, we need your help.Q) Who’s coming?A) It is difficult to gauge exact numbers at this moment, but there does seem to be a strong feeling among a lot of people. We have three Lotus owners from Belgium coming over for the day, so come on all you UK drivers, if the Belgium’s can get to Hethel, so can you…Q) How do I register to come along?A) Head on over to the database on Andy’s Fish n Chip Run yahoo group @ where you can register. There’s a database entitled ‘Save Lotus Life meeting…’ Just put your name and where your coming from along with you email address, and that we can keep track of numbers. For those who do not have access to this yahoo group, please email me with your details and I’ll be happy to add you to it so we know who’s coming. [email protected]) My Lotus is in the garage, can I turn up in the courtesy car?A) Yes. You don’t have to be driving a Lotus to turn up, although we suggest if it’s on the road you bring it.Q) What’s this black ribbon idea?A) A public show of displeasure at the news of the redundancies as Lotus, we ask everyone who turns up to wear a black arm band, and to put Black ribbon on the door mirrors of their cars. If you can’t get any black ribbon. I’m trying to source some to hand out when we meet.Q) Are we meeting before hand anywhere?A) Yes. It has been suggested that we meet prior to heading down to Hethel, so that we arrive en mass, making more of an impact. There are no fixed meeting points yet, but the plan will be to meet at a couple of areas first so that northern and southern travellers meet. Then all meet together closer to Hethel, to make final arrangements. We ask that you bear with us as we sort out locations, and if you know of somewhere useful, please email me: [email protected] We also ask that you bear with us on the day as I’m sure there will be some minor issues we will need to sort on the day.Q) Can I still walk around the production line?A) As far as I’m aware, once we have made our views heard on the day, Lotus Life are still taking people around the production line, so you’ll be able to see the new cars being built.Q) I’m a new Lotus owner with an S2 on order, so have never had one yet, can I come along?A) Yes. Of course you are welcome, as we are doing this for the future relationship that we have built up with these guys and girls at Lotus, so it is in your best interest to come along.Q) I can’t make it on Sunday, but I support you all the way. Is there anything I can do instead?A) Yes. If you can’t make it, please email me [email protected] with your views, concerns, comments on this situation we face with Lotus. I’m compiling a list on the site: which will be printed off and handed over to Lotus on the day. In addition, if you are coming along, please email me with your comments anyway as the more we have the better.Q) Is there a petition?A) Yes, there will be a petition that you will be able to sign and leave comments on the day. This also will be handed over when we arrive at Hethel.That’s about it for now, I know it’s a long post [image][/image] but we need to get as much information across to you all so that you are all fully prepared on the day. Please take the time to register your details, and those of others who can access the database. Tony and myself, along with all the other Lotus enthusiasts look forward to seeing as many of you on the day as possible. If we work together on this, we can make a huge impact and hopefully help our fellow friends at Lotus.Kindest regardsScott [image][/image]