Guess what Mr Pesky has bought

See it here:See it here

In my dreams! Surely that price ain’t right though!!!

RobI saw that too. If you read the description that price relates to a silver boggo S2 Elise !!Rob

Pesky,did you buy it? are you going to?PS - this dual-personality thing is getting me worried…

I see the Edwards have had a go at the back end of it! [image][/image] [image][/image]

How much do they want for it ?Surely not the indicated ~�20K

Far, far too understated for you Rob [image][/image] - its a total animal - mum I want one now…

ooohh lovely what a beast and sooo cheap…hmm then again, perhaps it’s just the jet lag… [image][/image] U bought it yet Rob?