Like SeanB I have used a round gauge

Put it into the dash though …


Cool man!!!


can you post any pics of yours yet ?


Sorry mate, will sort it tomorrow. My head is like a sieve!!!


Andy, can’t quite see in that picture; what kind of steering wheel hub are you using? I don’t like my Momo one because it looks a much small diameter than the opening in the column shroud.

The rubber cover on the std hub will go over the momo so you won’t see the gap into the shroud at all. Have the momo one on at the moment with spacers and you cant see any gaps

Why didn’t I think of putting a guage there… it’s not like I need the aircon button anymore. Must make a purchase from Demon theives.


I’m sorry I have no idea

It came with the snap-off kit from Sweden.

It still has a 3-5mm gap all around though …

I did consider to use the original Nardi hub from the standard wheel - think it can be done as there are 4 bolts holding the wheel on - just need that pattern in a spacer …

Andy, I thought it looked like you had the standard hub, but with a different spacer. That would be what I’m looking for.

Jason, you’ve lost me What rubber cover?


Beware there is huge friggin aluminium extrusion behind that panel - I cut it out with a dremel

Rubber cover might have come with the momo boss, actually i am sure it did now that i think about it. Will look and see if i can spot it on a photo. The momo boss i have however did not have a large gap at all. The cover went right into the shroud and looked quite good. Part number for the momo boss was : 12115116609.

Jason, my Momo hub came with a rubber cover, but the hub is a slightly smaller diameter than the standard Nardi item. Does yours look like this?

Nope looks like this:

[image]MWEB Homepage [/image]

That is after looking at it not the momo boss, i used the origonal hub with 2 eliseparts spacers onto which the 4 bolts from the origonal nardi hub fitted directly. And then the sparco removeable boss. And used the rubber cover off the momo to cover the 2 spacers that’s why i was thinking they would cover the gap, but there is no gap using the standard hub and spacers.

I like the steering close because i strap myself in really tight and can’t adjust the seat anymore.

Ok, thanks Jason. I wonder if I can use just the standard hub with a couple of spacers from Eliseparts, but without the removeable hub. I don’t want the wheel to be removeable, as these mechanisms tend to lead to wear over time and give a little bit of play.


Thats no problem, I just looked and the Eliseparts adaptor is drilled and tapped for the Nardi 4 bolts and the Momo Pattern - so you just bolt the wheel direct to the spacer, and that bolts to the hub ( the standard bolts come from the other side ).

I like that better as well so am gonna order the spacer right now !

Sounds good Andy. I’m going to wait for the Lotus festival at Donington. See what they’ve got there, might get a discount

Good thinking - I’ll do the same

Bit late but yes the wheel goes straight onto the hub, the removeable hub i had before had someplay that’s why i spent the extra on the sparco item and there is after six months no play whatsoever. But i don’t use the car daily if i did i would not use the removeable one either.

Unless you have long arms order 2 spacers as the nardi hub is alot shorter than the momo boss for example. They are no problem to bolt together as you just need longer steering hub bolts to got through both spacers.

Sorry it has taken me a while to sort these pics. First one shows the gauges in the dash:


It looks like the gauge pod is sitting proud of the vents in the pic, but I can assure you it isn’t it fits really well, although it did require a little fettleing.

This pic shows the Fuel pressure sender. I replaced the fuel pipe from the filter to the rail and then put in a take off to the pressure sender.


This one is juat another pic of my engine bay as I guess I just wanted to show off my bling QED air box.


I haven’t had a chance to take pics of the oil temp and oil pressure senders as it will require me to get the wheel and wheel arch liner out to get the pics and I just haven’t had chance to do that yet. Sorry.