GT3s at Donington

Actually the Engine in Simon S car expired at a rockingham trackday a while back and he has now put in a bog standard granda scorpio cosworth engine which he paid �150 from ebay.
So he has lost a lot of power, still the porker and fezza boys dont like any sort of competition they get upset when a small budget team upstages them, and the bitching has started before even the 1st race has begun.
Still im leaving now, hopefully see some of you there.
I will be wondering between Team Scandal and Cadenas pit.



2006 British GT Championship - RACE CLASSIFICATION ROUND 3 (RACE 9)
1 1 GT2 Mullen/Niarchos Ferrari 430 GT2 2:00:20.836 81 79.02 1:21.249
2 81 GTC Beighton/Finnemore Marcos Mantis 2:01:02.160 81 41.324 78.57 1:24.318
3 99 GTC Greensall/Cunningham Ferrari 360 Modena 2:01:05.501 81 44.665 78.54 1:25.055
4 57 GT2 Kimber-Smith/Hines Panoz Esperante GTLM 2:00:28.641 80 1 LAP 77.96 1:21.733
5 22 GT2 Jones/Jones Porsche 996 GT3 2:00:30.149 80 1 LAP 77.95 1:22.003
6 96 GTC Mortimer/Ellis Porsche 996 GT3 2:00:57.083 80 1 LAP 77.66 1:24.896
7 28 GTC Mundy/Smith Porsche 996 GT3 2:01:05.125 80 1 LAP 77.57 1:25.931
8 33 GT3 MacHitski/Johnson Aston Martin DBRS9 2:01:05.984 80 1 LAP 77.56 1:23.655
9 5 GTC Lang/Allison Porsche 996 GT3 2:01:17.684 80 1 LAP 77.44 1:23.078
10 16 GTC Moseley/Quaife Porsche 996 GT3 2:00:33.334 79 2 LAPS 76.94 1:24.267
11 7 GTC Allen/James Porsche 996 GT3 2:00:58.235 79 2 LAPS 76.67 1:25.200
12 77 GT2 Riley/Flux Mosler MTR900 2:01:00.445 79 2 LAPS 76.65 1:19.646
13 4 GTC Hulford/Harris Porsche 996 GT3 2:01:17.714 79 2 LAPS 76.47 1:24.329
14 9 GT3 Fordyce/Watts Porsche 997 GT3 2:00:32.101 78 3 LAPS 75.98 1:22.564
15 17 GTC Glew/Abbott Porsche 996 GT3 2:00:37.209 78 3 LAPS 75.92 1:24.624
16 3 GTC Ashburn/Hooker Porsche 996 GT3 2:01:06.558 78 3 LAPS 75.62 1:24.395
17 58 GTC Scuffham/Fitzgerald Prosport LM3000 2:00:48.238 77 4 LAPS 74.83 1:22.194
18 20 GT3 MacKintosh/Blogg Lotus Sport Exige 2:00:31.071 76 5 LAPS 74.04 1:26.363
19 18 GT3 Whight/Randell Lotus Sports Exige 2:01:04.589 74 7 LAPS 71.76 1:26.058
20 44 GTC Marsh/Hollebon Ginetta G20 2:01:56.739 70 11 LAPS 67.39 1:28.227
Not Classified
88 GT3 Drayson/Cocker Aston Martin DBRS9 1:31:07.882 59 D.N.F. 76.01 1:23.926
11 GTC Ahlers/Bryant Morgan Aero 8 GT 1:31:34.775 57 D.N.F. 73.07 1:25.964
70 GTC Dove/Lockie Ferrari 360 Modena 1:26:29.207 55 D.N.F. 74.66 1:23.244
6 GT2 Griffin/Hyde Vauxhall Monaro 1:23:44.545 53 D.N.F. 74.30 1:24.295
71 GTC Stinton/Pullan Prosport LM3000 1:01:07.260 42 D.N.F. 80.66 1:23.079
69 GT2 Caroline/Keen Mosler MT900R 39:52.241 27 D.N.F. 79.48 1:25.185
66 GT3 Alexander/Bentwood Aston Martin DBRS9 50:43.570 18 D.N.F. 41.63 1:27.809
12 GTC Burton/Wilcox Ferrari 360 Modena 28:36.782 16 D.N.F. 65.60 1:28.024
8 GTC Barrett/Persson Porsche 996 GT3 12:55.177 8 D.N.F. 72.57 1:27.964
19 GT3 White/Kershaw Lotus Sport Exige 6:46.147 4 D.N.F. 69.12 1:31.291

Fastest Lap
77 GT2 Riley/Flux Mosler MTR900 1:19.646 47 142.37kph 88.47
58 GTC Scuffham/Fitzgerald Prosport LM3000 1:22.194 41 137.96kph 85.72
9 GT3 Fordyce/Watts Porsche 997 GT3 1:22.564 32 137.34kph 85.34

Start Time : 13:32
Weather / Track : Cloudy / Wet End Time : 15:33
Copyright � 2006 MST Sports Timing Ltd. All Rights Reserved Printed : 15:37 Sunday 21 May 2006

19 GT3 White/Kershaw Lotus Sport Exige 6:46.147 4 D.N.F. 69.12 1:31.291

what happened to them?

Retired in spectacular style with a fire in the pit lane on approx lap 5

Retired in spectacular style with a fire in the pit lane on approx lap 5

So that must have been one of the new cars, right? Ooops.

When it pulled into the pits I thought it was Randys car, all of a sudden theres 10ft of flames pouring out of the back of it.
No one seemed to do anything for a few seconds, I think eveyrone was in shock then they realised the driver wasnt getting out and probably knew nothing about it and someone managed to find a fire extinguisher and put it out.
Was a good day, shame about the bloody weather, an unfortunate tyre change to intermediates at team scandals pit stop saw them loose loads of time and the heavens opened 2 minutes later.


Date 21/05/2006: Scuderia Ecosse Win in Dramatic Rain Hit Race, with Team Tiger Marcos Second Overall

Tim Mullen and Chris Niarchos won the first 2-hour race of the 2006 Avon Tyres British GT season in what can only be described as dramatic and action packed. The GTC Team Tiger Marcos of Chris Beighton and Jon Finnemore and the Beechdean Motorsport Ferrari of Neil Cunningham and Nigel Greensall took second and third overall respectively. Team LNT took second on GT2 one lap behind the leaders after a trip into the gravel at The Old Hairpin, fending off the late challenge of David Jones in the TEam Eurotech Porsche. Barwell Motorsports Piers Johnstone and Leo Machitski won the inaugural British GT3 class, finishing 8th overall.

The start was made on a wet track with all of the teams choosing Avon wets. As the lights flicked to green, Tom Kimber-Smith made a clean getaway from pole position but Chris Niarchos found the Rollcentre Racing Mosler of Ian Flux muscling his way past him on the exit of Redgate Corner to take second place. Not all of the cars made it through the opening corner as the Team Scandal Prosport of Scott Fitzgerald was left beached in the gravel trap causing the safety car to be scrambled.

The Prosport was recovered and it rejoined the race 2 laps adrift as the green flags were shown to restart the race. The two lead cars soon moved ahead of the rest of the field, with the Rollcentre Mosler trying to find a way past the very wide Team LNT Panoz. Behind them the Eclipse Mosler of Lee Caroline was being challenged by Chris Niarchos in the Scuderia Ecosse Ferrari for 3rd.

There was drama in the pitlane as Barrie Whight came into the pits in his Lotus Sport Cadena Exige and as the car came to a halt the car burst into flames. The ever vigilant marshal’s jumped straight into action and the fire was extinguished in seconds, with no harm to Barrie or any other member of the team. Meanwhile Niarchos made his move on Caroline and took 3rd on lap 6, who was also passed by Oliver Bryant in the Motorbase Porsche 996 GTC class car.

Tom Kimber-Smith was trying to extend his lead but everytime he managed to pull away, Ian Flux would reel the lead car back in. As the leaders battled on they soon caught the Prosport of Scott Fitzgerald and Kimber-Smith passed the slower car into Redgate but Flux was unable to follow the leader through as the Prosport negotiated the bend.

On lap 11 the Lotus Exige of George MacKintosh went off at the bottom of the Craner Curves, causing the secodn safety car period of the race with just 20minutes gone.

Two laps later the race restarted, with Kimber-Smith and Flux resuming their battle for the lead, over 9 seconds ahead of Godfrey Jones in 3rd place. With a dry line forming Flux struggled as the Mosler started to struggle on the wet tyres compared with the Panoz of Kimber-Smith.

On lap 20 Kimber-Smith had managed to pull out an 8 second gap as Flux struggled to keep ahead a closing Godfrey Davies. Phil Burton was bringing his JMH Ferrari into the pitlane when the engine cover exploded in a cloud of smoke. Phil brought his car to a standstil in his pitbox but only into retirement.

As Paul Drayson in the Barwell Aston Martin DBRS9 exited the chicane he started to spin when baulked by another car. As the Aston spun across the track he was collected a following car resulting in a lot of rear damage for the Barwell runner, but not enough to stop Drayson continuing.

Meanwhile the struggling Flux had a trip onto the grass at Coppice and this brought him in at the end of the lap for a change to intermediate tyres, dropping the Rollcentre Mosler down the order but on a drying track it looked to be a wise choice.

On lap 29 the first scheduled stop took place with teh Trackspeed GT3 Porsche 997 coming in, with Rory Fordyce handing over to Danny Watts. Meanwhile Godfrey Jones, now lying in 2nd place 22 seconds adrift of the leader, was given a stop-go penalty for undertaking under yellows.

With 50 minutes gone most of the cars started to head for the pitlane for refueling and driver changes but significantly Tom Kimber-Smith elected to stay out. Tim Mullen took over the driving duties on the Scuderia Ecosse Ferrari on lap 34.

In GTC Simon Pullan in the DPS Prosport was leading the class but had Jonny Lang (Trackspeed Porsche 996) and Chris Beighton (Team Tiger Marcos Mantis) not far behind, with the Emotional Engineering Monaro entering the mix as Matt Griffin pushed the Vauxhall up the grid.

As the race entered the second hour the Mosler of Ian Flux started to move back up the grid, setting the fastest lap of the race. On Lap 47 Flux was lying in 2nd place but 1 lap adrift of the leading Panoz, but gaining by 2-3 seconds per lap as the intermediate tyres worked with the drying track.

5 laps later, as the Mosler continued to close, Tom Kimber-Smith headed into the pitlane for their scheduled stop. Flux crossed the line to take the lead but it was all too brief as he to had to come in for refuelling and to let Kevin Riley take over.

Meanwhile the Beechdean GTC Class Ferrari with Neil Cunningham at the wheel was lying in 2nd place overall, 18 seconds behind the Panoz with Luke Hines at the wheel. Cunningham was lapping well but had to head for the pitlane on lap 57 for the scheduled pitstop. On rejoining Nigel Greensall was third in class behind Jon Finnemore in teh Team Tiger Marcos and Matt Allison in the Trackspeed Porsche.

At the front of the field Luke Hines had a commanding 47 second lead over Tim Mullen, with the Mosler of Kevin Riley 1 lap behind. However the weather decide to take a hand and the a heavy rain storm caused havoc.

With just under 30 minutes of the race remaining the track was awash with water and Kevin Riley was the first casualty, skidding across the grass on the exit of The Old Hairpin. He was soon joined by Hines, who beached the Panoz in the gravel trap at the same corner. Mullen headed for the pitlane to change onto wets while the Panoz is recovered by the trackside marshals under a safety car period and rejoins the race.

With minutes remaining the Scuderia Ecosse Ferrari is leading the race with the only other two cars on the lead lap being the Marcos of Jon Finnemore and the Ferrari of Nigel Greensall. Luke Hines is feeling the pressure from David Jones in teh Team Eurotech Porsche but holds off the challenge until they reach the chequered flag.

While Mullen pulls away from the rest of the field, the Team Tiger Marcos is being reeled in by the Beechdean Ferrari, but as the cars negotiate the back markers Finnemore takes advantage to secure the class win and take second overall. The Beechdean pairing of Neil Cunningham and Nigel Greensall are pleased to take 3rd overall and second in class at the end of a dramatic race.

Piers Johnson brought the Barwell Aston Martin DBRS9 home in 8th overall

When it pulled into the pits I thought it was Randys car, all of a sudden theres 10ft of flames pouring out of the back of it.

It almost sounds as if it was Honda equipped.

Spoke to one of the Lotus pit crew regarding the fire, seem to think it was a fractured fuel pipe. The fire was put out very quickly and there was no real evidence of fire damage.

I thought that the extremely wet conditions would have made a much more level playing field but the Exiges appeared to be seriously lacking in power , another 50bhp minimum required in order to be competitive.

Considering the weather conditions there were some exceptional driving skills demonstrated and at least 2 of the 3 Exiges finished the race on their first outing.


Don’t think it was a power problem - grip seemed to be lacking - especially at Redgate

Early doors - they’ll sort it - just great to be supporting a Lotus back on track - watch 'em go

Anyone know when this will be televised, was there today but would like to take a second look.
Oh and bloody hell it was wet, they were all sort of sidewards around every corner, some mad overtaking down Craners in the pi##ing down rain .


A few excellent pics taken by AndyW of NYLOC:





I was sitting at the bottom of craners on the outside. (yellow S2 Exige - i met a few of you)

At some points in the heavy rain the lotus were the quickest cars down the curves and on a few laps were quicker than the leaders by a few seconds round the lap.


At some points in the heavy rain the lotus were the quickest cars down the curves and on a few laps were quicker than the leaders by a few seconds round the lap.

the timesheets (lap charts) don’t support that assertion.

[image][image][/image][/image] [image][image][/image][/image]

I’d like to see them if someone has access to them as i was timing the lotus’ against other cars with my mate.

it was about 3/4 the way through the race when it was heavy rain and the mosler etc was tip toeing down craners

I’d like to see them if someone has access to them as i was timing the lotus’ against other cars with my mate.

There you go CLICKY although not had chance to look at them myself.

PS Great pics

To be honest I was only keeping an eye on Randys car and Simons Prosport but from what I saw.
Prosport lost 2 laps on 1st bend, Scott who was driving at the time was very apologetic after the race, couldnt belive hed done it.
was going very well, and at one point only the panoz and 1 of the moslers was quicker than him, and was up to 7th just before the pit stop, which wasnt bad considering that it was last and 2 laps down from the off.
Unfortuntaely changing to inters because it was dry and as soon as the car left the pits there was a massive downpour completely ruined everything and it slipped back several places after simon saying that it was impossible to get any heat into the tyres and the was no grip.
A shame really after Scott setting the fastest lap time in class it looked like a top ten finish from last.
All this from a bog standard Granada scorpio engine which replaced the prosports one, and makes it underpowered even for Brit Gt rules.
As long as they are allowed to continue and the prosport haters clear off it should be a good season.
There was quite a crowd of people in the pits looking at the car, guessing not many had seen one before so makes a change to the fezzas and the porkers.

Now Randys car, They lost 4 laps when Paul stuck it in the gravel then I belive there was a handling issue which was making the car rear wheel steer when the suspension was loaded up.
Randy actually set his fastest lap of the race very close to the end in the pouring rain, quicker than the other 2 lotuses and one of the quickest cars on the track.
I dont think its a power issue, that seemed fine, more to do with setup and handling, rear end of the car also looks very heavy and centre of graving looks high, cant image what it maust be like going through craners, I think mr Kershaw went off at the old hairpin probably trying to go through flat.
Just my opinion anyway


I think mr Kershaw went off at the old hairpin probably trying to go through flat.

Nah, he was just copying Maddog

Thanks for the write up - interesting stuff

I think that the timing sheets show what i’m saying that around laps 40 - 58 (on sheet 11&12) compared with other cars on there laps 42/43 - 62/63 the lotus are on the pace and some laps quicker than porsche, aston, mosler etc. Hard to work out exactly with out spending hours looking at the timings as the lotus were 3 -4 laps down by that point.