GT3 - Rear Diffuser???

Does anyone know why Lotus Sport used the ‘standard’ S2 Elise rear Diffuser and not the 3 piece style diffuser of the 111s on the GT3 car?


Can’t see the pic, but from memory the std one is lower to the ground, which probably helps the race car’s aero.


Because the 3 piece one is for style.
And so is the exhaust down there. I have a Racecar Engineering article where they talk about it, and an exhaust should always end above a diffuser, not below.
Makes better aerodynamic sense the GT3 way.

Ozzer has the Zaust side of things covered

Is that why the stage2 exhaust is flush to the diffuser?

No, even with the exhaust being flush it’s still a blown diffuser, which is what Uldis was referring to. ie the exhaust gases interfere with the airflow. Above the diffuser allows the exhaust to fill the wake of the car and therefore reduce drag… a bit!